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Trash-to-Treasure Tuesdays!

Hi Pomona Panthers,

Thanks so much for recycling paper,  plastic, and aluminum in your classrooms!  This little act helps in BIG WAYS!!!

On Tuesdays, our green-minded students will turn your recycled trash to green-bin treasure.  Here’s what you do.

  1. Separate recyclable items from trash!  (Kids should be pros by now!!!).
  2. Label  boxes/trash cans with your name.  (labels below…just add  name).
  3. Put  labeled recycle boxes/cans outside  door on Tuesday, and a Green Team member will  collect it  between 10:10 – 11:00 AM on Tuesday.
Recycle Aluminum Cans Box Sign
Recycle Paper Box Sign
Recycle Plastic Box Sign

Thanks for your participation!


Pomona’s Green Team

Recycling Committee ~ Ready and Committed to Go GREEN!

Unknown-2Today, a couple dozen 4th and 5th graders showed up during our Green Team Lunch Bunch to learn how to help our school recycle.  Thanks, Green Panthers, for helping make our school GO GREEN!

C and E recyclingC and E actionGirls Recycling

Classroom Auditing Committee

Let us introduce you to our 2012-13 Green-Team Classroom Auditing Team:  Isabel, Jasmine, Leslie, Fernando, Gabriel, Jose, Lauriano, and Melvin.  They will come around to classrooms to help you be GREEN, not mean!

Are you saving energy?   Extech_401027_200With our fancy Foot Candle Light Meter, our auditors will be able to determine the average lumens in your classroom and make recommendations about your lighting.

Here is our Energy Audit Report Card.

Are you recycling?  Our awesome auditors will paw through your trash from time to time to evaluate your progress on our recycling goals for 2012-13.  If you need help, our Green Team is here to serve.  We will provide you with recycling boxes…or anything else you may need to make recycling cool at Pomona School.  Do you need a label for your box?  Get them here!
Recycle Aluminum Cans Box Sign
Recycle Paper Box Sign
Recycle Plastic Box Sign

Are you composting your fruit scraps?  Our Green Team is here to help you with all your composting needs.

Here is our Waste Reduction Report Card.

Please see our friendly auditors or any Green-Team member for more details!  Our mission is to inspire people to reduce, reuse, recycle, and GO GREEN!

Pomona Panthers ~ Green, not Mean!

Waste AuditWaste 2

Going on a Diet to Reduce our Waste!

2_imagePomona School’s Green Team has a New Year’s resolution.  We’re going on a diet!  That’s right; we’re losing some lbs.  The purpose of our diet is not to reduce our WAIST…but to reduce our WASTE!

Did you know that Americans generate 4.6 pounds of trash per day per person?  This is almost twice as much trash per person as most other major countries.  That’s a whole lot of trash going into our landfills.  Not cool!

So, how can Pomona School help?  We’re going to make sure that all trash that we put in our trashcans is truly trash…and not items that can be recycled.  Now, we have been recycling here at Pomona School for two years, so you would think we’d be recycling experts by now, right?  Well, yes, we’re pretty good, but we can be better.  How do we know?  We’re glad you asked…

We conducted a surprise waste assessment of our upper grade trashcans last Friday at lunch.  Our Green Team members took trashcans out of every upper grade classroom and examined the contents.  Remember, this is trash that our upper grade students and teachers generated in just one morning.  The trash weighed twenty-four pounds.  But, wait.  We ALSO found some recyclable material in the trashcans:  plastic, an aluminum can, and lots and lots of recyclable paper.  We rescued this recyclable material and put in a separate pile.  We then weighed this pile.  Guess what!  The recyclable material found in the upper grade trashcans on Friday morning weighed 5 pounds…nearly 1/5 of the weight of our trash that morning!

…Which brings us to our New Year’s resolution.  We want to lose weight in 2013…waste weight to be precise.  So, we propose that we lose a pound of waste by January 31 by doing an even better job of recycling.  By the end of the school year, our Green Team goal is to lose 5 pounds of waste and find ZERO recyclable material in our trashcans.

We can keep this resolution, Panthers, if we all work together to reduce the amount of waste that goes into our trashcans and into our landfills.  Remember, Panthers, BE GREEN, NOT MEAN!

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” ~ Music Video

Watch this music video:

Our Green Team Recycling Plan

Dear Pomona Panthers,

Two days ago, the Green Team received a blog comment from Pomona 3rd graders in Room 11. The students asked what they should do with the recyclable items that they are collecting.  Thank you for your question, green 3rd graders!

Today, the Green Team wrote a step-by-step recycling plan.  Tomorrow, we will put the plan into action.  Here are the steps to our plan:

  1. Each class creates a small recycle “bin” for its classroom.  (We use a cardboard box in our classroom.  Leave us a comment if you need a cardboard box, and we will locate one for you.)
  2. Students may decorate the bin/box or label it with our “Pomona Recycles” label.
  3. Each Friday (8:10-8:30am), three Green Team members come to classrooms to collect recyclable items.
  4. Classroom students may help Green Team members sort recyclable items into our 3 large trash bags for 1) aluminum, 2) small plastic bottles, and 3) large plastic bottles.
  5. If you need Green Team members to pick up recyclable items before Friday, please write us a comment, and we will be happy to meet your needs.

The Green Team (Pomona Panthers ~ Green, Not Mean!)

Our mission is to inspire people to recycle, save energy, and conserve water.

Image: Martin Barraud, Iconica, getty

The Green Team’s Top 3 Reasons to Recycle

Hi People,

Today, our Green Team discussed reasons why we should recycle.  We selected our top three reasons to recycle.

The first thing we did to select our top 3 reasons to recycle was to read this page.  Then, we voted for our top 3 reasons in our groups.  Finally, we got to the real business of selecting our top three reasons by collecting our data and tallying which reasons had the most votes.  Here are our top three reasons:

  1. Prevents Global Warming – In 2000, recycling of sold waste prevented the release of 32.9 million metric tons of carbon equivalent into the air.
  2. Protects Wildlife – Using recycled materials reduces the need to damage forests, wetlands, rivers and other places essential to wildlife.
  3. Good for the Environment – Recycling requires far less energy, uses fewer natural resources, and keeps waste from piling up in landfills.

Remember, Pomona Panthers ~ Green, Not Mean!

Blog post written by Pomona’s 4th and 5th grade Green Team